Chapter 2 – Data types and Variables

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In this chapter, we will learn different data types used in VBA, their usage and practical examples of declaring variables. Finally we will learn valid variable names and Naming Conventions.

Data Types

Data Type Used For
Integer To store whole numbers from -32768 to 32767
Long To store whole numbers from -2147483648 to 2147483648
String To store alphanumeric data
Date To store date and time
Double To store decimal values
Boolean To store True or False
Variant To store any time of data
Object To store objects

How to Declare Variables

VBA provides very simple way to declare variables, using Dim statement you can declare variables


Dim VariableName as DataType

Example 1:


Dim strName As String

Result: VBA creates a variable named strName with String data type

Example 2:


Dim iNumber As Integer

Result: VBA creates a variable named iNumber with Integer data type

Example 3:


Dim objOutlook As Object

Result: VBA creates a variable named objOutlook with Object data type

Example 4:


Dim vResult

Result: VBA creates a variable named vResult with Variant data type

Valid Variable Names

  1. Variable name must begin with a letter
  2. Variable name cannot be more than 255 character long
  3. Variable names cannot contain space and periods, you can use underscore (_) in place of space and periods
  4. Variables in VBA are non-case sensitive that means you cannot declare two variables with names strName and strNAME

Naming Conventions

Most of the developers follow a naming convention while declaring the variables. You can also call it as prefix which is used in the beginning of a variable name. A good naming convention helps you and others to easily read and understand the codes. See below the list of commonly used naming conventions:

Data Type Naming Convention (Prefix) Example
Integer I iNumber
Long L lCounter
String Str strName
Date Dte dteDOB
Double Dbl dblAmount
Boolean B bIsFound
Variant V vResult
Object Obj objApplication

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