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Employee Database Tool - Business Version

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Manage employee details with 78 demographics. Use for attendance tracking, custom trackers and more.

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Employee Database Tool

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Employee Database is an MS Access based tool to manage employee details. The tool supports upto 78 demographics for each employee such as Name, Location, Phone, Email, Address etc. The tool also comes with inbuilt attendance tracker to track daily attendance of employees. Over and above this, you can also design your own trackers and start using it.


28 pre-defined and 50 custom fields to track each detail of employee


Use settings to manage users rights, employee fields, attendance type and custom trackers


Track and manage attendance of each employee in monthly attendance tracker


We provide personalized tool customization services at a nominal fee.

What Real Customers Are Saying About This Tool?

Professionals from leading Fortune companies choose this template.

This tool saved me countless hours spent in employee data management. Now i have all employee details on click of a button.
Alex Martinez
Senior Project Manager
Finally no need to search for weekly and monthly attendance Excel files. Everything can be found at one place.
Jamie Lee
Manager Human Resources
I don't believe i was able to create my own tracker in the tool for revenue tracking. Thank you ExcelSIrJI for such a wonderful tool.
Rohan Mehta

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Kailash Sharma

Kailash Sharma (ExcelSirJi) is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a senior Excel consultant. His passion for Excel and problem-solving has led him to develop over 10000+ automated Excel tools for top Fortune companies. He shares his expertise through his platform, ExcelSirJi, providing courses and resources to help others master Excel. He is a leading Udemy Instructor.


Do I need MS Office Installed or Web Version?

You would need installed version of MS Office. Most of the tools works fine with version 2010 or above versions.

Can i customize the code of the tool?

Yes, if you have purchased VBA password free version then you can customize the tool as per your requirements.

Will you provide me instruction on how to use the tool?

Yes, you will be getting a user manual and how to use the tool video link on purchase of the tool.

What if I get stucked, will you be helping me?

If you have purchased premium version of the tool which comes with Q&A support, there is a dedicated Group where you can ask your questions and Experts are gonna help you with your questions.

I made the payment but I have not received the tool copy.

You can contact our team through Contact us page with payment receipt.