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[tek_sectiontitle st_title=”Excel shortcuts for Windows and Mac” st_title_tag=”” st_subtitle=”While working with Microsoft Excel, you must have came across the situation where you want to find efficient way of working with Excel and to improve the existing skills.
Keyboard Shortcuts Guide will help you build your interest in Microsoft Excel and would take your skills to next level. This will also help to increase existing productivity level so that saved time can be utilized in learning new skills.
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Create new workbook
Ctrl + N
+ N
Open workbook
Ctrl + O
+ O
Save workbook
Ctrl + S
+ S
Save as
+ + S
Print file
Ctrl + P
+ P
Open print preview window
Ctrl + F2
Close current workbook
Ctrl + W
+ W
Close Excel
Alt + F4
+ Q
Expand or collapse ribbon
Ctrl + F1
+ + R
Activate access keys
Move to next ribbon control
Activate or open selected control
Confirm control change
Get help on selected control
Open options
Alt + F + T
+ /
Undo last action
Ctrl + Z
+ Z
Copy selected cells
Ctrl + C
+ C
Repeat last action
+ Y
Cut selected cells
Ctrl + X
+ X
Paste content from clipboard
Ctrl + V
+ V
Display the Paste Special dialog box
Ctrl + Alt + V
+ + V
Display find and replace
Ctrl + F
+ F
Display find and replace, replace selected
Ctrl + H
+ H
Find next match
Shift + F4
+ G
Find previous match
Ctrl + Shift + F4
+ + G
Create embedded chart
Alt + F1
Fn + + F1
Create chart in new worksheet
Fn + F11
Tables and Filters
Insert table
Ctrl + T
+ T
Toggle Autofilter
Ctrl + Shift + L
+ + F
Activate filter
Alt +
Select table row
Shift + Space
+ Space
Select table column
Ctrl + Space
+ Space
Select table
Ctrl + A
+ A
Clear slicer filter
Alt + C
+ C
Toggle table total row
Ctrl + Shift + T
+ + T
Drag and Drop
Drag and cut
Drag and copy
Ctrl + drag + L
+ drag
Drag and insert
Shift + drag
+ drag
Drag and insert copy
Ctrl + Shift + drag
+ + drag
Move one cell right
Move one cell left
Move one cell up
Move one cell down
Move one screen right
Alt + PgDn
Fn + +
Move one screen left
Alt + PgUp
Fn + +
Move one screen up
Fn +
Move one screen down
PgDn +
Move to right edge of data region
Ctrl +
Move to left edge of data region
Ctrl +
Move to top edge of data region
Ctrl +
Move to bottom edge of data region
Ctrl +
Move to beginning of row
Fn +
Move to last cell in worksheet
Ctrl + End
Fn + +
Turn End mode on
Fn +
Go back to hyperlink
Ctrl + G + Enter
+ G + Return
Select entire row
Shift + Space
+ Space
Select entire column
Ctrl + Space
+ Space
Select entire worksheet
Ctrl + A
+ A
Add adjacent cells to selection
Shift + Click
+ Click
Same selection in next column
+ Tab
Same selection in previous column
+ + Tab
Move right between non-adjacent selections
Ctrl + Alt +
+ +
Move left between non-adjacent selections
Ctrl + Alt +
+ +
Toggle add to selection mode
Shift + F8
Fn + + F8
Cancel selection