Excel TRIM Function

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TRIM function is used to remove the additional spaces (i.e. spaces before/after/between the words) except for single space between words.

These are the non-value added spaces and generally arises when data is imported from any other sources.


TRIM Formula in Excel

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Syntax Description:

text argument [Required] is used to give the text or cell reference for which additional spaces to be removed

TRIM Function has only one “Required” arguments i.e. text

There is only one argument in the Trim function, which is below mention.

=Text(Cell Value / Text)

Excel TRIM Function
Example 1: Exploring “TRIM” function with examples:

Here we have some examples, where “Column A” has various scenarios there is a problem of spaces. Words doesn’t have proper spacing it looks untidy and “Column B” shows the output of the function. Where formula of TRIM is applied and we can see after applying the formula extra spaces removes The explanation is also provided in Column “C”. 

Excel TRIM Function

Example #2

Generally when we collect data in excel from another application or any database like Server, Oracle, or HTML, we face various issues for line breaking with extra space; we can say that double line issue or wrap text issue, and also ever include with a special character which is not removed with only trim. So we can use a trim function with a clean function for such type situations. Example given below:-

Excel TRIM Function

In this type of scenario will use TRIM CLEAN Formula.

Formula =TRIM(CLEAN(A16))

With the help of the TRIM Clean formula, the data will be cleaned, removing all spaces, and correcting the positions of words.

Advantage of TRIM Function:

TRIM function is very advantageous in many ways. It helps for the document imported from any other sources and data is not correctly synchronized.

Removing spaces in available strings manually (one by one) is very difficult. TRIM Function helps apply in large databases at once, makes the work easy, saves time, and increases efficiency.

Download Practice File

You can also practice this through our practice files. Click on the below link to download the practice file.

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