Dummy Data Generator Tool

About the tool

Dummy Data Generator is an MS Excel based tool which has capability of generating 45 types of data which includes numbers, text, date, time, Memo (long text), Booleans etc.

Tool Features

  • Generate unlimited dummy records on one click
  • Supports 45 types of data points
  • Capability to generate Numbers, Text, Date, Time, Long Text, Boolean and many more data types


  • No additional software / investment required, works with commonly available Office Applications
  • Helps in tool testing
  • Helps in identifying bugs and deliver high quality tools

System Requirements

  • You need to have installed version of MS Excel 2010 or above

Tool Limitations

  • As the number of records increases, tool may take more time to generate random data

How to use this tool

Follow the below video which details out how to use this tool.
  • Open the tool and you will see below screen
    Dummy Data Generator Tool
  • As the file contains macros, you may be asked to enable the macros to use the tool
    Dummy Data Generator Tool
  • Click on ‘Generate Dummy Data’ button
    Dummy Data Generator Tool
  • The form gets loaded with default fields. You may want to add more fields or delete unwanted fields
    Dummy Data Generator Tool
  • Following are the datatype which are available in the tool for selection
  • Once you are ready with the fields, click on ‘Generate Random Data’ button on the form
  • Within few seconds, tool will generate the data in a new workbook
  • Congratulations you are now ready to use the tool

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