Excel Function INT

INT function is used to round down the numeric value to nearest integer. INT Function has one required argument i.e. number.

Syntax Description:

number argument is the used to give value/cell reference that you want to round down to nearest integer.

Example 1: INT function with various cases:

Here, we have sample database and want to round down the sales movement ( % ) for various region.

  • “Column A” has region of sales,
  • “Column B” shows the number argument value/cell reference, that we want to round down,
  • “Column C” shows the sample formula applied,
  • “Column D” shows the output of the function and,
  • Explanation is provided in Columns “E”

We will be using INT function as follows:

Excel Function INT

How to Use INT in Excel?

Excel INT function is very simple and easy to use. This example will help you explore the use of the INT function in Excel. 

Excel Function INT
Excel Function INT

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