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How to use “ROUND” function in Excel

ROUND function rounds the number value to nearest digit mentioned in argument.

ROUND function has two required arguments i.e. number and num_digits

Syntax Description:

number argument is used to give cell range or number value that is to be rounded

num_digits argument is used to give number of digits the number argument should be rounded

Example 1: ROUND function with various scenarios:
  • “Column A” shows series of number values those are to be rounded
  • “Column B” shows the sample formula applied,
  • “Column C” shows the output of the function and,
  • Explanation is provided in “Columns D”
ROUND function Excel Tips
Things to Remember:

– If num_digits argument has negative values i.e. -1, -2, -3 then it will round the numbers to multiple of 10s, 100s and 1000s respectively

– For rounding the numbers to down value (example 2.1 or 2.5 or 2.9 =2.0) or up value (example 2.1 or 2.5 or 2.9 =3.0) then ROUNDDOWN and ROUNDUP Function can be used

– If function is used other than the number, then it will give #VALUE! (error)

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