Excel Function MIN

MIN function is used to get the smallest number in range or list of values.

Applying the MIN function formula =MIN( give you the minimum value among the Selected cell range.

Excel function MIN

MIN Formula in Excel

Below is the MIN formula in Excel.


Syntax Description:

number1 argument is required argument where we can give range or value

[number2] argument is optional argument where we can give another range or value

refers that, we can add multiple range or values by separating them with comma ( , )

How to Use MIN Function in Excel?

The MIN function in Excel is very easy to use. Let us understand the working of the MIN function in some examples.

Example 1: 

  • Will calculate the lowest marks of students by using MIN formula.
Excel MIN function

As we can see by applying the formula we got the Minimum score. The result is 25.


The Excel function ignores empty value cells and result is 25. But MINA Value will be 1 as shown above.


 if we provide a logical value, the function will ignore it and will give the same result, but MINA will consider it, as shown above:

Things to Remember:

– Function will only consider numeric values while evaluating the smallest value

– Multiple ranges can be applied in function by separating them with a comma (,)

– Text/ Spaces will be ignored by the function

– If No values in the range or list of values (i.e. number argument) then the output will return as 0 (zero)

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