Generate Random Numbers in Excel Using RAND

We have got many instances where we needed to generate a random database or values. Rand function is very useful for the users who creates random database for various types of working and analysis.

Rand Function generates values between 0 to less than 1. We always have output of the Rand function in decimals. The formula of RAND function is very simple because it has no arguments and provides the random output.

Generate Random Numbers in Excel using RAND Syntax :-

Below are the RAND Formula syntax commonly used in Excel:

1.  =RAND()

RAND Function can be used to get the values in decimals, without decimals, values in pre-defined range, we will all discuss in following examples:

Suppose we need to create a database for the various types of stationery products and their prices for a month. There is one way to mention the random product name and prices one by one or we can use the “RAND” function to make the work easy. Here we will go ahead with using RAND Function:

Generate random numbers using RAND

Drag the formula to respective cells. i.e. Select Column + Ctrl + D

Rand function

If we need to have the random values without decimal, we need to follow the below function. We can have any range based on the requirement; here we need the random values between 0 to 10.

Syntax: =INT(RAND()*10)
Rand Function

Above syntax will help to get the random values between 0 to 10. If we need to have values between 0 to 100, we will change the syntax and will mention 100 instead of 10

Syntax has limitation that it always gives values starting from 0, if we need to have values within user defined range follow the Example 3.

Suppose we need the random values between a range, between 10 to 100 then please follow below equation, where “b” can be 100 and “a” would be 10

Syntax =RAND()*(b-a)+a
Rand function

Above function output always returns the value as per the value of “a” and “b” given in the formula. We can give any value in place of 10 or 100 to get the desired result.

We can also have the values between a user defined range and without decimals by following below syntax. For example, if we need the values between 10 to 100:

Syntax: =INT((RAND()*(b-a)+a))
Rand Function

Things to Remember:

– Values derived from RAND function changes each time worksheet is refreshed/ edited/open/changed. So, ensure to Paste special values the formula output so that database is not changed.

Below are the steps for paste special database to values:

– Select the data range -> Go to Menu Bar- > Click to Home-> Click to Copy

Rand Function

Then -> Go to Menu Bar- > Click to Home-> Click Paste Values

Rand function

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