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Whenever you press enter, you must be thinking why my cell selection shifts down. Why it can’t go UP, Down, Left. Surprised

This is very simple. Do you want to change the direction? So let’s do it

Click on below highlighted button “File”:

Below Window will appear and then go to “Advanced” and there you can change the direction of Selection (When you press Enter) as highlighted below:

Click Ok and you are done. Just see below and you will see the magic when I press enter:

Hope you love this one


Sometimes you must have seen page breaks and you might like those. Let’s hide these page breaks then

Page breaks in below image:

Click on below highlighted button “File” to hide this Gridlines:

Below Window will appear and then go to “Advanced” and there you can hide the page breaks as shown below:

It will hide Page breaks. See below image:


Many trainees in my session asks how to hide all Sheet tabs because they want users to navigate through hyperlinks only. So just follow these simple steps:

Click on below highlighted button “File” to hide this Gridlines

Below windows will appear and then go to “Advanced” and there you can hide these sheet tabs:

This will hide Sheet tabs and now you may restrict your user to Navigate through hyperlinks only.

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Download Practice File

You can also practice this through our practice files. Click on the below link to download the practice file.

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