How to Hide Ribbon &Formula bar in excel?

While preparing many projects, my clients always want me to make professional, good looking dashboards. So I hide few things like Gridlines, Column & Row headings and Formula Bar. This can give WOW experience to your bosses, clients because after hiding these features, you excel sheet looks like a software or an application. See below example:

We have hidden something in the below Image which you might not like when those are not hidden. Scroll down to see what’s that:

How to show or hide Ribbon in excel?

Do you like this below Project Snapshot when compared with above? Scroll Down 🙂

Below are the features which we may hide to make our projects more appealing:x

How to Hide Ribbon &formula bar in Excel?

Go To Menu Bar > Select View Tab as below

Uncheck the “Formula Bar”, “Gridlines” & “Headings”. See below to understand what would happen:


Sometimes Menu Ribbon occupies the space on your Monitor screen. So you may hide the Menu Ribbon, if it is not needed. See below:


If you have blank rows and Column which would not be used during the entire tenure of the project or you might have done some calculations in those columns. You may hide those by following below simple steps:

  • Hide/Unhide Columns

   Select any column or columns and Right click on the header and Click “Hide”

Similarly you can select rows, right click and hide the rows. There is another method to hide rows and column which explained in below image:

These highlighted option can hide your rows or columns
By following the same process you may Unhide Rows/Columns as you can see in the above image, there is an option to Unhide Rows or Unhide Columns.

See below small gif image which may help you to understand the same:

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