We have got many instances where we needed to generate a random database or values. “RAND function” is very useful for users who creates random database for various types of working and analysis.

“RAND Function” generates values between 0 to less than 1. We always have output of the “RAND function” in decimals. The formula of function is very simple because it has no arguments and provides the random output.

Syntax: =RAND()

Example: Suppose we need to create a database for the various types of stationery products and their prices for a month.

There is one way to mention the random product prices one by one or we can use the “RAND function” to make the work easy. Here we will go ahead with using function.

RAND Function

Drag the formula to respective cells. i.e. Select Column + Ctrl + D

RAND Function


RANDBETWEEN Function is like the function “RAND” that we leant in above topic. RANDBETWEEN function is used where user needs integer values (not decimal) and between a predefined range.

Syntax: RANDBETWEEN(bottom, top)

Here, “bottom” means the lower value and “top” means higher value in range that you want

Example: You want to prepare a random database for volume of books in a books store with minimum quantity of 10 units and maximum quantity of 100 units. So here we need the various book name and random number of books.​


Drag the formula to respective cells. i.e. Select Column + Ctrl + D


Select the data in column -> Menu- > Home-> Copy

RAND Function

Go to -> Menu- > Home-> Paste Values

RAND Function


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