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How to Create a Dropdown list in excel?

 Microsoft Excel is what most professionals are using for their day-to-day office. 

Creating a drop-down list in Microsoft Excel can make it easier for the microsoft excel user to enter data. 

The objective of creating drop-down list is to give an option to a user to select the option from the list.

so that it restricts the user to select  unwanted entries input. 

we can also use drop-down option for creating interactive dashboards for reporting purpose. 

Benefits of Drop-down List:-


METHOD 1:- Steps to Create Drop-Down by manually adding entries

 STEP 1 :- As we can see on the top we have a data entry form at the bottom we have a dashboard

STEP 2 :- So for creating a drop-down list select a cell and go to data under this data there is data validation icon.

now click on the data validation and the screen will pop up shown below.

STEP 3 :- Now under the setting option click the allow button and select the list. now in source write the entries for eg india, united states, china etc we can add as many countries than click ok.

STEP 4 :- Now after this, if we select any cell there is a dropdown list of entries like India,united states, china, etc. so our drop-down list is updated.

METHOD 2 :-Steps to Create Drop-Down From the List

Now let us understand how to create a drop-down from the list because whenever we have big data sets than it is not easy to write manually every entry. In this case, We will follow the steps given below.

  1. Select the cells containing the headings and values.
  2. Go to the “Formulas” tab and click on “Define Name.”
  3. Give your range a name and click “OK.”
  4. Enter the named range in the “Source” field.
  5. Apply the Drop-Down List
  6. Click “OK” in the “Data Validation” dialog box to apply the drop-down list.
  7. The Drop-down list is updated with all the entries listed on the tab.

Step 1: Select the cells containing the headings and values

Step 2: Click on “Data” on the top of excel and select Data Validation:

Step 3: Select List under “Allow” and enter the Range of your data under “Source”. Click Ok:

Note: In order to fix the range, you need to use “$” sign before Column and Row reference values i.e. $A$2:$A$8

How to Create a Dropdown list in excel?​

Step 4: Here is your drop down list:

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