QR Code Generator Tool in Excel

Hi Friends, today we are going to learn something which is more closure to many businesses. As the businesses going global and digital, there is a need to adopt the new way of tagging. Yes, we are talking about QR Code and Barcodes. These codes have made the life simpler for many people.

How to Generate QR Code Tool in Excel?

In this article, we will learn how to generate QR codes right from your Excel file.

QR stands for Quick Response. These codes are considered as cell phone friendly. You may find these codes printed for displayed at many places such as payment stores, web pages, books, mobile apps etc.

The reason for these codes to be more useful is because of its capabilities. QR can store much more data as compare to Barcodes such as site URLs, text messages, numbers, geo coordinates etc.

Yes, it is possible to generate QR Codes using Excel. Since it is bit complex; hence we have taken simpler approach for explanation. We are making use of Web API provided by https://api.qrserver.com to generate the QR code.

QR Code Generator Tool in Excel Steps:

Step 1: Download the tool copy from below link

Step 2: Open the tool an you will see below screen

Note: Since this file includes Macros; hence you need to enable macros if Excel prompt you to enable it. See below a sample screenshot of Excel warning message. You need to click on Enable Content

Step 3: Click on ‘Clear Data’ button

Step 4: In column A (Content/Text/URL etc.), enter the content you want in the QR code. This can be your site address, any text, alphanumeric number etc.

Note: This copy of tool can generate up to 10 QR Codes at a time

Step 5: In column B (Font Color), change the cell color in which you want the QR code

Step 6: In column C (Back Color), change the cell color in which you want QR code back color

Step 7: Click on ‘Generate QR Code’


Step 8: Tool will now send text, font and back color details to https://api.qrserver.com and paste the QR code provided from the site in column D (QR Code)

Note: Since the tool is getting the QR code from the site; hence please ensure that you are connected to internet before using the tool. Also, you must have access to https://api.qrserver.com. Sometimes due to slow site response or internet issues, you may receive few error messages. Just click on OK and try again.

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  1. Anthony Phillips says:

    Hello, I really appreciate what you have done here. I’ve been searching for a tool that does just what you have done. Is there a way I could expand the number of lines it will create codes for? How much is this tool?

  2. Hi, just download qr code generator tool v1.0, but when i generate the qr code, it says error of modmain, vba is being protected or your version need to open by 32 bit but my version is 64bit.
    Please advise how can i generate the qr code, thanks

    1. Hi Cara,

      We don’t think the issue is caused due to 64 bit system. We have removed an un-used reference from the code. Can you try to download the tool again and see if that’s work.

      ExcelSirJi Team

  3. Just download the link, but thete is no bar code generated after longtime but it says it us done but no bar code is found. Can you check any problem with the generator?

    1. HI Cara,

      There is no issue with the tool. It is working as expected. The tool uses Web API from https://api.qrserver.com. Please do if you have access to given link.

      ExcelSirJi Team

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