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Time Management is very effective way of managing the available time. Current competitive world is making the time management crucial. There are various ways, tools and techniques by which time management can be done easily.

Critical thinking, Analytical skills and Usage of Technology all together makes the application of Time Management in very easy manner.

We all have 24 hours in a day and working hours are also limited to certain numbers, and assigned work and expectations are always higher. Organization is also working towards the managing the existing work and utilize the saved time in other value-added tasks.

EXCELSIRJI provides various Time management trackers and tools which will help you to manage your time in effective manner.

Let’s explore the templates and provide your feedback in comments, if any is helpful and added value to your skills.


ACTIVITY SHEET helps you to track the time consumed by the standard and recurring activities of tasks.

We can evaluate the performance on each day and analyze the root causes if time consumed is greater than the standard. Below ACTIVITY SHEET provides summary on weekly basis and will help you understand the process effectively.


ACTIVITY SHEET WITH CHART helps to visualize the performance in pictorial view. Pie chart view will help to understand the datapoints in easy and quick manner

time management tools and tracker
3. TIME – Budget vs. Actuals Analysis OR Utilization Study

This is very effective tool to analyze the time spent by associates each day. We all have minimum required hours to work in office and utilization study is important to know, if all the associates are spending required time and what are the challenges if associates are not meeting the requirements.

This tracker will help you to give you summary and high-level view of each week and help you to plan the work accordingly.


There are so many tasks completed by a team each day and managing each of the task on daily basis is a hassle. Task Checklist helps to manage the deliverable in very effective manner. Task Checklist can be updated by the manger or with each of the employees by sharing that among them.

Task Checklist will help you to know the status of the task at any point of time, if it is updated on real time basis.

This should be prepared at consolidated level and should have all the tasks assigned to each employee and should be updated on regular basis in case of any addition or deletion of the task. Same checklist can be roll-forward to next month/week/day.


When you have standard and recurring work (for example :Usual Servicing of Vehicle in Automobile Service Station) and should be assigned to service engineer. In that case Task Assignment Schedule will help you to manage the work and equal assignment of load to each of the employee.

Task Assignment Schedule is Hourly schedule for each day and provide the summary of count of assignment at the end. It also indicates the higher/ moderate/ and low assignment for each associate.


Weekly Time Sheet is required from the employees to track the working hours spent for the organization. In a week there can be Usual hours / Vacations/ Holidays/ Sick Leaves, and all are required to be tracked. Somewhere overtime is also tracked since that may be more costly than usual hours.

Weekly Time Sheet provides details of employee, weekdays, categories of hours, hourly rate and total cost for the organization of the week.


Planning your day is very important. During the day you may have many things to complete and you cannot complete all the things together. So here comes the prioritization, we need to prioritize the work assigned.

We can sort the work in priority category i.e. Highest Priority/ Important/ Least Important, also with places to visit, plans for next day and so on.

Sorting your work will help to manage that in much effective manner.


Managers in the organization are focused in the productive meetings and its outcome. Minutes of the Meeting is very important tool to manage the effective outcome of the meetings. MOM is a documentation of meeting and make the person actionable to provide the result.

MOM tool provides the details of Date/ Time/ Objective/ Attendees/ Agenda of team and other related important information.


Managing your time while study is also important, there are many topics to be covered within the time allocated. Allocation of time among the various subjects/ topics are crucial since there are enough time should be covered to each topic.

Study Timetable helps to manage the time for a week and allocated to various topics, it also includes the break time so that study is much productive.

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