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time and motion

About the tool

Time & Motion Tracker is an MS Excel based tool which helps you to track Start and End time of any type of transaction or activity. The tool is developed using VBA coding which helps you to protect manual manipulation in the data by the user. It is also easy to use, just click on Start (shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+A) or Stop (Ctrl+Shft+S) buttons to record the time stamp.


  1. If you want to add more columns in the tracker. Click on Reset and add them after column F (Duration)
  2. To avoid manual changes in the time tracked; Date, Start Time, End Time and Duration columns have been protected with a password

System Requirements

  • You need to have installed version of MS Excel 2010 or above

How to use this tool

Follow the below video which details out how to use this tool.
  1. Save the tool copy in your system
  2. Unzip the file and open
  3. If you see a yellow bar mentioning macros have been disabled then click on Enable Content
  4. Click on ‘START’ or Ctrl+Shift+A when you start your transaction
    Time and Motion
  5. Click on ‘STOP’ or Ctrl+Shft+S when your transaction is complete
    Time and Motion
  6. Transaction ID and Remarks are option fields
    Time and Motion
  7. To reset the tracker and clear the tracked data, click on Reset button
    Time and Motion

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