Usage of Delta Symbol in Excel – Complete Guide


The Greek Capital Alphabet letter Delta (▲) and  is commonly discussed topic in Excel. This is being used for various purposes i.e. changes in quantity, insert the symbol in excel etc.

Though inserting Delta (▲) is very easy in any of the MS Office Applications i.e. Excel, Word, Power Point etc.

5 Easy Ways to insert Delta Symbol in Excel

  • 1. Shortcut to insert Delta Symbol

Hold ALT Key and press 3 & 0 in sequential manner. This will add the Delta symbol in the selected Area

Delta Symbol by ExcelSirJi

  • 2. Copy and Paste Delta Symbol

Copy below Delta Symbol and paste it anywhere in respective Office Application. This will work

Delta Symbol

Copy Delta Symbol - ExcelSirJi

  • 3. Special Characters Font Type

Enter Capital letter “D” and change the Font Type to Symbol as shown below. This will show you Delta (▲)

ExcelSirJi - Copy Delta Symbol

  • 4. Insert Symbol in Excel – Symbol BOX

This method can help you to insert any kind of Symbol in Excel via using Symbol BOX. There are multiple special symbols which you can insert through this including Delta Symbol, Degree Symbol, Check Mark Symbol and many more.Click here to learn this method

Insert Symbols in Excel

Delta Symbol - ExcelSirJi

  • 5. Excel Number Formatting

While preparing dashboards or showing numbers in Excel, Excel Experts wants Delta ▲ symbol to be shown for change in quantity or any negative number should show ▲ before the number. Click Below Button to learn this method. You may insert any symbol using this method

Special Characters Usage in Number Formatting

Number Formatting Symbols

Number Formatting - ExcelSirJi

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