Have you ever faced the challenge while using special character symbols in number formatting or any customized number formatting?

It is an easy method to insert any symbol in numbers i.e Delta Symbol or Special Character Symbols in Excel Number Formatting. 

You may easily do this by following below steps:

Number Formatting

Inserting Symbols in Numbers

Here I am using “Delta Symbol” to customized the Number formatting. You may insert any Special Character symbol with the same method. Just Copy the Special Symbol or learn shortcut of inserting any Symbol:

Delta Symbol
Number Formatting
Custom Formatting
Number Formatting Delta
i) General Number Formatting in Excel

So Click at the beginning of “General” as shown below and insert “Delta Symbol” either:

Delta Symbol
ii) Custom Currency Number Formatting in Excel

In Currency Number Formatting or Accounting Number Formatting, there are two parts of format i) for Positive Number ii) Negative Number. So you need to insert it twice if you want to show Special Symbols for both formats else only at the beginning of Negative Or Positive Format. Lets go through below:

Delta Symbol
Degree Symbol
Number Formatting
Negative numbers with Delta Sign in Excel
Insert Data Symbol

Did this article solve your query? Please comment at below box, if you find any challenge.

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