Excel Function COUNTA

What is COUNTA Function in EXCEL?

The COUNTA  is a cell counting function, which counts all cells in a range that has values, both numbers and letters.

Syntax Description:

value1 argument is used to give any value/ range for which count is required

[value2] argument is used to give another value /cell reference/range

 means, we can add multiple value/cell reference/range by separating them with comma ( , )

How to Count Non-Blank Cells using COUNTA?

The COUNTA function is used when we need to count Non-Blank cells in a selected range.

For example, for counting cells from A1-A10, the formula is “=COUNTA (A1:A10).”

The function also counts the number of value arguments provided. The value argument is a parameter that is neither a cell nor a range of cells.

Example 1 :- COUNT

Formula =COUNT(B1:C10)

The COUNT Function will count the number of cells with numeric values within the selected range B1 to C10.


Excel function COUNTA

The COUNTA Function will count the number of cells with numeric values and Alpha numeric values within the selected range B1 to E10

Functions Of COUNTA

  • It counts all non-blank cells, unlike the COUNT function, which counts only numeric values.
  • It only counts the existing values without summing them.
  • It returns an error if incorrect arguments are provided to it.
  • It counts cells that contain invisible characters. For instance, an empty string (“”) returned by a formula is also counted.
  • It counts every non-empty cell, cell range, and value argument as 1.
  • It counts the cell in which space is entered, implying that only the absolutely empty cells are excluded from the count.

Key Takeaways

  • To count numbers only, use the COUNT function.
  • To count numbers and text, use the COUNTA function.
  • To count with one condition, use the COUNTIF function
  • To count with multiple conditions, use the COUNTIFS function.
  • To count empty cells, use the COUNTBLANK function.

Download Practice File

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