What is COUNTIFS in Excel?

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The Microsoft Excel COUNTIFS function counts the number of cells in a range, that meets a single or multiple criteria and adjacent or non-adjacent. As a Statistical function of Excel, the COUNTIFS supports using comparison operators and wildcard characters.

For example, given the following table, the COUNTIFS excel function can count the total number of products with the name “B” for the east region. The formula “=COUNTIFS(A2:A13,“EAST”,B2:B13,“B”)” returns 2.


The Syntax of the COUNTIFS Excel Function


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How to Use COUNTIFS Function in Excel?


Countif is used to count specific values given in a range of cells.

Formula :-=countif(B1:B10,”DAVID”)

In this example we are counting how many times David are there in sales rep using the formula.


After applying the formula when we press enter it gives us the result. As we can see below pic total count is 4.

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Countifs is used for counting specific value bases on multiple criteria

Formula =COUNTifs(B1:B10,”DAVID”,C1:C10,”Australia”)

In COUNTifs we count a number of cells that contain value with criteria. As we can see in example given below we are counting how many times David did sales in Australia so David’s count is criteria 1 Australia’s count is criteria 2 when we apply the formula and press enter it shows us number 2 as shown below.


Example 3:- Countifs(Between, morethan, lessthan)

Countifs can also be used to count specific values with between, more than, less than criteria as well. 

Formula:- =COUNTIFS(B2:B10,”DAVID”,A2:A10,”>=”&”01/07/2020″,A2:A10,”<=”&”01/11/2020″)

In this example, we can see Davids’s sales in a particular country which includes particular dates.. As we can see in the below image we have selected dates and sales reps by applying the formula will get the result of how many times David did sales in Australia from selected dates so the answer is 2 times.


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