VBA Code to Re-link MS Access Link Tables

In MS Access, the best way to create a multiuser tool is to divide your solution. One part acts as interface and other one acts as database. You can have multiple copies of the interface distributed to users which are connected to central MS Access database saved at common shared drive. To connect the interface to database, you can use link table feature (Access>External Data>Import & Link) available in MS Access. Below is a commonly required VBA code which helps the developers to re-link MS Access linked tables when the database is renamed or moved to other location

'This function loop through all linked tables in MS Access database
'and re-link them to new database path
Public Function UpdateLinkTables()
    Dim strPath As String
    Dim objDatabase As Object
    Dim tblDef As TableDef
    strPath = "E:\Work\ExcelSirJi\Database.accdb"
    'Set the object to current database
    Set objDatabase = CurrentDb
    'Go through each table in the database and check if it is linked table
    'if yes, then update new database path
    For Each tblDef In objDatabase.TableDefs
        If tblDef.SourceTableName <> "" Then
            'If it is hidden table then make it a visible table
            tblDef.Properties("Attributes").Value = 0
            'Change the database path to new path
            'if database requires password then you can un-comment password section in below code
            tblDef.Connect = ";DATABASE=" & strPath '& "; PWD=1234"
            'Refresh the table
        End If
    'Close the objects
    Set tblDef = Nothing
    Set objDatabase = Nothing
End Function

To use this code in your MS Access tool, follow below steps:

1. Open the MS Access tool where you want to use this code
2. Press Alt+F11
3. Insert a Module (Insert>Module) from menu bar
4. Paste the code in the module

VBA Code to Re-link MS Access Link Tables

5. In the above code I have hardcoded new database path in strPath variable but you can make this variable as input parameter of the function by making below changes highlighted in the screenshot (Red are deletion, Yellow are addition):

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