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Hide Sheet in Excel

When I was creating an excel dashboard, there were multiple sheets which I used for calculation purpose and never wanted anybody to make any changes on it. So I found very awesome feature to hide an excel tab:

Though there are multiple ways to hide the excel sheet tab:

Simple Way to Hide Sheet in Microsoft Excel

  • Select the Sheet which you want to hide and Go To “Cells” Section under Home Menu as shown in below picture:
How to Hide Excel Sheet and Unhide

Once you hide the sheet, you may unhide the same through “Unhide Sheet” option.

Note: Sheet should not be protected while hiding the sheet

Hide Sheet or Tab in Excel Using Shortcut

  • You may also hide the sheet in just a single right click on Sheet Name and unhide the same on just one right click on any sheet tab name. See below:
Unable to find hidden sheets in Excel

Disable the option to Unhide Sheet in Excel - VBA

  • You learnt how to hide the sheets above however there are instances when you do not want to allow any user to see Hidden Sheets. So you can do this also by using “Very Hidden” feature
  • Go To VBA Editor Window either of below step:
  • Press “ALT+F11” on the workbook where you wanted to perform this “Very Hidden” functionality
  • Or Right Click on any Sheet Tab, Click on View Code
  • Here you can see in below image that how to open VBA Editor Window
Open Excel VBA Editor Window

Hide a Worksheet So That It Can Not be Unhidden

  • Once you open the VBA Editor window, you will see your sheet name on the left side as below:
Very unhide Excel Sheet
  • Click on “View” from “Menu” option. Then Go To “Properties Window”. See Below:
Dont Show hidden sheets in Excel
Unhide a Sheet that has been ‘Very Hidden’
  • Go To “Properties” window and select “2–xlSheetVeryHidden” under “Visible” category. Please see below:
Dont Show hidden sheets in Excel
  • Now Go back to excel workbook and when you will right click on sheet tab, you will not find the option to Unhide the sheet. See below Image:
Open Excel VBA Editor Window

Hide/Unhide Worksheets Using VBA

Lets learn how you can hide sheets in Excel through Excel VBA Code:

Hide All Worksheets Using VBA


Below is the VBA Code:

'Hide All Sheets in Excel using VBA Code
Dim ws As Worksheet
For Each ws In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
If ws.Name <> ActiveSheet.Name Then ws.Visible = xlSheetHidden
Next ws
End Sub

So this is a complete guide of hiding sheets/tabs in a workbook. Hope you liked it.

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