How to protect and share your workbook?

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Creating beautiful and professional dashboards, projects always lead you to success however there are places when you wanted to protect your dashboards, sheets, cells to prevent users to make unnecessary editing because it can change calculations, sheets and sometimes, finish the essence of the project

So here we are talking about few features which can protect your excel sheets, projects, dashboards etc. Let’s have a look:

How to Protect and share your workbook?
  • Open an excel workbook > “Review” Tab > “Protect Sheet

Once you click on “Protect Sheet”, below window will appear:

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So here is small glimpse of protecting excel sheet:


Whenever two users want to work on one excel sheet at the same time, we use “Share Workbooks” option. This feature is amazing and allow multiple users to work on it at the same time:

  • Open an excel workbook > “Review” Tab > Click on “Share Workbook

Below window will appear on your screen. So there are two tabs at the top:

1. Editing

2. Advance

Note: Few things to remember while using this “Shared Workbook” Option:

  • Shared Workbook” option cannot be used when you have “Tables” or “XML Maps” & “Data Connection” activated in your workbook
  • Protect Sheet” option should be activated before sharing the workbook else you will not be able to “Protect Sheets
  • There are multiple options which cannot be used in “Sharing Workbook” option like “Merge & Centre”, “No Shapes, Data Objects, Charts, Pictures etc.” can be inserted while workbook is in “Shared Workbook” mode

When you are tracking changes, it might be possible that people may delete the changes being done in the sheet however “Protect Workbook” helps to prevent users to turning off the changes. It just help to save the “Track Changes” data

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