How to Create a Pivot Table?

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Pivot Tables in excel is backbone of data analysis in excel. If you want to perform various analysis in excel, then I would suggest, learn this amazing excel feature to complete your analysis with in few minutes

Common Queries For Pivot Tables

Its name is enough to make you feel worried however; usage of Pivot Table is relatively simple. You would enjoy while learning Pivot Table with us.

We would take a simple example and detailed steps including the basics of Pivot Table to make you understand better so that, you can use Pivot Table efficiently

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We would just brief you with answers asked above:

Let's learn Pivot Table:

Pivot Table helps to summarize the data by grouping data in rows or columns to provide the consolidated results even for large database. This helps to read the data in few seconds and get insight of it

Preparation of PivotTable requires a VALID database and below is the requirement of Database:

Database Requirements
Parameters of Database
Database Style for Pivot Table
Simple Case Study

Imagine you are the owner of a company and has global presence with branch offices in multiple countries. Company has sales figures for various regions and for different periods. Your boss asks you to summarize the data and answer below questions:

You can answer these questions in few seconds by creating pivot tables.

Let's create the pivot table:
Pivot Table Select Data
Pivot Table Option Menu
Pivot Table External Sources
Pivot Table Fields and Layout
Let's answer the questions asked with the help of Pivot Tables:
Sales Data Pivot Table
Pivot Table Country Wise Sales Data
Pivot Table Country Wise Sales Data

Hope this article helped you to create your first pivot table. You may download the practice sheet from below icon. Please comment if you have any questions or facing any challenge.

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Download Practice File

You can also practice this through our practice files. Click on the below link to download the practice file.

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