MS Excel tutorial

100+ Excel Functions (explained with Examples and Videos)

Here you will find a detailed tutorial on 100+ Excel Functions & VBA Functions. Each Excel function is covered in detail with Examples and Videos.

.7This Tutorial Covers:

Excel Functions - Date and Times

Excel Functions – Logical

Excel Functions – Lookup & Reference

Excel Functions – Math

Excel Functions – Statistics

Excel Functions – Text Functions

Excel Functions – Info

VBA Functions

Excel VBA Tool to Create Folders
VBA Code to Re-link MS Access Link Tables
VBA Code to List Files in Folder
VBA Code to Check if File Exist in Folder
VBA Code to Add New Sheet at Beginning or End of Excel File
VBA Code to Get User Name
VBA Code to Delete All Shapes On A Excel Sheet
VBA Code to Convert Excel Range into HTML Table
How to Add Outlook Reference in Excel VBA
VBA Code to Hide Menu Ribbon in MS Access
VBA Code to Export Access Recordset to Excel
VBA Code to Send Outlook Emails
VBA Code to Draft Outlook Emails
VBA Code to Read Outlook Emails
VBA Code to Browse a Folder
VBA to Browse Outlook Folder
VBA Code to Count Color Cells with Conditional Formatting
VBA to Open Workbook in Excel
ColorIndex in Excel VBA
VBA Code to Check if Folder Exist
VBA Code to Remove Duplicate Rows
VBA Code to Count Cells by Color
VBA Code to Sum Cells by Color
VBA Code to Delete File
VBA Code to Add Border to Excel Range
VBA Code to Protect Excel Sheet for Manual Input but Allow Programming Inputs
VBA Code to Add Items in ListBox Control in Userform
Find Duplicate Files In Excel Using VBA
VBA Code to Find Last Column or Row of a Sheet
VBA to Read Excel Data using Connection String
Excel VBA Tool to Rename Files
VBA Code to Change Sheet Color
VBA Code to Sort Data
VBA Code to Filter Data in Excel
VBA Tool to Merge Excel Files from a Folder
VBA Code to Change Cell Color
VBA Code to Convert MM.DD.YYYY to DD-MMM-YYYY In Excel
Few Simple Excel Tips – Excel Learner Should Know
Excel VBA Tool to Get File Properties
How to Hide Sheet in Excel with or without VBA?
Excel VBA Tips you Must Know – Part 1

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